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Plantur 39 Shampoo

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smurfchops | 14:50 Sun 28th Jan 2024 | Body & Soul
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I have bleached blonde hair and have bought some Plantur 39 Phyto Caffeine Shampoo as my hair is getting thinner.  Bit worried it will turn my hair brown.  Have I bought the wrong item?? 



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Why would it turn your hair brown ?  What makes you think so ?

Test it on an unexposed part first ?

Question Author

I have bought the green bottle, I think there is a brown bottle for brown hair and a silver one for bleached hair, however I wonder if the green one is safe to use on bleached hair... all very confusing! 

Plantur 39 is best suited for fine and brittle hair.

Not recommended for bleached hair.

Question Author

Thanks Barry, I will be returning it and will find the silver coloured bottle somewhere ... 

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Plantur 39 Shampoo

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