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God I Feel Rough… : (

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Smowball | 22:33 Mon 29th Jan 2024 | Body & Soul
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Nothing serious, but Saturday I had a slight headache. Woke up Sunday & I felt like I had the hangover from hell, except no alcohol had been drunk. Thought my head was going to burst. Spent all yesterday laying down as couldn't do much else, then started vomiting early afternoon - hadn't eaten so was just fluid(sorry for tmi). Was sick several times in evening, then about 11pm lastnight I developed a really dreadful stomach ache, which within 10 mins turned into a v upset stomach for about 3 hrs on and off. It's now Monday - headache has eased slightly but still have it, and still laying upstairs as feel I've been hit by a bus. Have been sick again today but upset tummy has stopped. Assume I've just had a 48 hr bug and will feel miles better tomorrow.Hope so as I haven't eaten since Saturday, and I'm just stressing about all the things I shud have done today, which I know is pointless. Wouldn't wish the headache on anyone, it was that awful.

No advice needed, just fancied a friendly word as have lost sent of time & bearing after feeling ill for 2 days solid x



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Hope you are feeling better soon.

Aww, you poor thing. Sounds awful. Seems like you're over the worst. Perhaps it's gastric flu? Hope you continue to get better soon. Make sure you're having fluids. All the best x

Wonder if it's anythng to do with the gurgling stomach noises that you had a few days ago. Did you find out what was causing them?

Wow, sorry to hear about that.

Certainly forget all the things not done, they will all no doubt wait.

But seek medical advice if still bad tomorrow, although I hope things are already improving, it sounds dreadful.

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Ah Thanku everyone - nice to hear from you all. Andres - yes I've just thought of that in the last hour, no I didn't find what it was - could well be connected? 
I'm pretty sure I've not eaten anything funny before Saturday, so yes just hope it's 'One of those things'. MrSmow is absolutely fine. Just feel utterly utterly drained. Head still thumping but nowhere like yesterday x

there's a lot of it about at the moment. However, it looks like you're past the worst

My daughter had something similar last week...fever and what we call rot gut 🤢. Guesses included food eaten, and new covid strain. Her partner was fine.

She was fine by day 3...hope you are too.

I really hope that you are feeling better by now.  Keep up the liquids.

Perhaps "keep down the liquids" would be better, but it's the thought that counts 😀  😀  😀  😀  😀  

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Oh jno, that sounds v familiar, didn't even think of that.

Pasta - yes I hope to god its well on the way out, whatever it is. Hope ur daughter is ok now. And yes I'm going from being red hot(skin hot) to shivering.

That sounds awful, I hope you're right and it is a passing bug and it continues to get better. Won't give you any advice as you probably know as much as me. Take care and don't stress, whatever you need to do will be there tomorrow!

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Just a quick word to thank everyone for kind words last night when I was feeling so rough - am almost back to normal today, thank god! Whatever it was that I had for the last 48 hrs or so I certainly don't want it again in a hurry! 

So pleased you are feeling better . I know it can be difficult when you feel so ill , but please drink lots of fluid .

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God I Feel Rough… : (

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