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Diarrhea,What To Avoid?

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NoseyNose | 21:34 Tue 30th Jan 2024 | Body & Soul
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I am type 2 diabetic,and take Metformin medication.

Unfortunately this can cause Diarrhea,which can occur at the most unfortunate times,and without warning.Usually when I am out,and not near a toilet!Any suggestions for foods(or drinks) to avoid.I realise that I may not be able to make it cease completely,but does anyone have any thoughts on preventing it?

I do take Imodium(my GP suggested this) but that is AFTER the Diarrhea has started.I just wondered if anything is more likely to be actually causing it.

Thanks,Gordon(who wants to be able to leave the house/toilet!)LOL




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Drink lots of water not fruit drinks.

Plus hard boiled eggs for breaky and toast with not to much butter.

Ask your doctor to change your medication.

Maybe avoid "runny" foods like soups and spicy food, curries, etc.

Reading your post again, I'm sure they dont give you Imodiam unless you have diarrhea, so giving it to you now seems about right.

"Common side effects of metformin include feeling sick and diarrhoea. If this happens to you, your doctor may suggest trying a different type called slow-release metformin".


So perhaps asking your GP if you can switch to slow-release metformin might help?

(That suggestion seems to be supported on the Diabetes UK website: )

Avoiding artificial sweeteners (especially sorbitol) and increasing the amount of fibre that you eat might help too:

noseynose - sorry for intruding - just want to let Chris Buenchico know  - there are no foster carers for animals in Northern Ireland using Cinnamon Trust.  

^^^ Thanks for the info, JJ.

Try Rosie's Trust instead.

When I have diarrhoea what I try to avoid is crapping in my pants !

Re. The first post: I'm no medic, but you are told to drink lots of water if you are constipated (to loosen the stools) so I can't see that is sound advice in your case.  Just drink as much water you normally do, I suggest.

I'm not a medic...but have you considered dietary changes?  

Lots of research over the past decade showing that cutting carbs and sugar can help lower blood sugar, and in many cases reverse T2. Several doctors have been in the news for the help they've given their diabetic patients. 

Have a word with your doctor about diet...and medication. 


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Thank You to all, serious(and otherwise)


I am taking slow release metformin,and my GP could not suggest anything but Imodium, which of course does not always work that  quickly(after the fact).

I really wanted to know if there was anything that I should definitely avoid,that might make the diarrehea start?

Thanks to Buenchico's idea.I checked on Diet Coke,Caffeine free which has Aspartame.It seems that this migh cause diarrehea,so I will cut it out.

The same Diet Coke also has Acesulfame K,but (as yet) I cannot see any link to diarrehea with this.

So one possible cause bites the dust,and it's onwards.

I also drink Apple and Mango juice,cut with sparkling mineral mineral water.Could this be a no no too?



Gordon, if you are going out somewhere, why don't you take the Imodium before you go out instead of waiting until after you've had the diarrhoea? No need to take it on the days you are staying in, unless you want to of course. 

NN-- the list of foods to avoid is long and it would be better to have a word with the doctor and get a diet sheet. Also have a word about your medication. I've been through this with my husband ,having to plan every journey around toilet breaks etc. It's no joke.

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I do do that,and generally it works.Today I had a rather large lunch,and I only just made it in time,to get home!

I realise now,if I eat a meal that may be a bit too filling,too early,I have to have it at home(in the evening) where I am near the loo!LOL

Andres,I will ask my GP about a diet sheet,but I get the feeling that they just think(as I am 76) that it's something that old people have to put up with.

GP Saving money again,or me being neurotic? LOL

Thanks all, anyway.

Hi Chris, Sorry NN - did try Rosie's Trust some time ago after my accident - am not sick enough.  

Question Author


Thats OK, no worries!

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Diarrhea,What To Avoid?

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