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Reactive Depression

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JinnyJoan | 17:13 Fri 09th Feb 2024 | Body & Soul
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I was again feeling sorry for myself in 2021 (Covid times) and Chris told me to read the above in google

Well I have responded to it in that I have let myself go.  Was in friend's house Tuesday and she told me that I always keep my hair lovely but Tuesday it was like Worzel Gummidge.  That'll do me.    Another unusual thing I said a very bad word - she nearly sh(t herself.  Oh Jenny you never say that word - well I'm saying it today.  

Also my lovely Maxie is getting groomed on Monday because he has a beard far far longer than Daddy Christmas.

Called into cousin to give a belated Xmas pressie in and she asked me if the "funny farm" hadn't taken me away. 

Well I'm here so no funny farm.  I could laugh at these 'uns - they don't take me on - I'm just a laugh.

Anyway food for fodder in cousin house - she was telling me about a lovely lady who is about 48 has taken a stroke.  Very active woman indeed.

So I will have to take stock of myself and wake up and smell some coffee.  That's the rant over.  Sorreeeee



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Oh dear, jj. It's not easy when you're on your own and the mind can be your worst enemy. Keep strong and know that all your friends on AB are thinking of you and wishing you well. You will get through this, just try to be gentle with yourself. Sending love. xxx

I think you should take care of yourself jj. Maxie  needs you. 
jot down a list of how you actually feel, take it to your gp. 
please don't put off seeing anyone you deserve to feel as good as you can . 

Aww, jj...I suspect many of us who live on our own will know exactly how you are feeling. Sometimes it's not easy when we may have gotten in a rut, or the whole business of being one and independent gets a bit much. 

It's always a good idea to look in here...whether for company, to have a rant, or to kick someone over in News. 😉😊 There's always someone to listen.

Pasta, a wee visit to the gp would do no harm, must be a support group jj could join. Being winter doesn't help .

Go and get your hair done, Jenny. That'll perk you up.

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Ach the hair is done and the body is beautiful and the makeup is on - well was on earlier.  I'm gorgeous now - just like Joan Collins LOL

You are much younger than Joan Collins .

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Reactive Depression

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