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Knee Surgery

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Samuraisan | 11:29 Fri 16th Feb 2024 | Body & Soul
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I think finally I shall have a knee replacement on one knee. Has anyone had it done ? Are you happy with the result ? I was told by my orthopedic surgeon to wait until it impedes on my quality of life, well now I wakeup three or four times a night, can't sit on a normal chair for more than 30 mins., can't walk up stairs, even a high curb and a recent 13 hour flight to Japan was murder. Think it's about time....



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Yes I have had both knees replaced. Life changer for me. Glad it's done suffered a long wait first time not so long second. You will be walking on air great relief. Go for it. How is your waiting list where you are?

Two friends at my craft group have had knees replaced - one lady has both. They've said as long as you do physio and ' do as you are told' the operations are life changers. 

My 2 brothers had it done. All went very well??

My husband had an appointment after a long wait yesterday and has been offered surgery on both knees.  The surgeon recommends half knees???  But this might change to whole knees if seen to be needed during the op and that will be undertaken during the op.  I'm confused!



required during the ops.  

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@Giggsie. I am fortunate to have Sanitas private insurance, affiliate of BUPA here in Spain. So can have it done as soon as my surgeon says. 

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Thanks for all your replies. I certainly will do as I am told ! I have heard that physio post op. Is very important.

for attention of CountryLover  - I talked to a lady about 3 weeks ago and she was on a crutch - I know her of old and she said she got a half a knee 16 years ago and was left walking on crutches.  

A late reply: my wife has both knee joints replaced, and she is happy with the result. 

I'm told new knees are harder work than new hips and you really need to work at the physio (my sister says "Until I was crying", but she says it's worth it).

My husband had a full knee replacement a little over a month ago.  His was slightly more complicated since he had a serious ligament issue (ie shredded cruciate ligaments).  He got on as expected for about 2 weeks, but now he is going downhill.  His pain and swelling is increasing and he is being referred back.

It's killing him and it's certainly killing me.  More, in due course.  If one or both of us lives to tell this tale.

that's bad news, Barmaid. Hopefully if he's referred to the same people they'll know what's going on.

Mybhusband has just been offered 2 half knee replacrments by the surgeon.  Sounds weird, but surgeon says the only replace the worn out bits and recovery is quicker.  Apparently when they do the op they can continue to full  knee replacement if the feel it necessary!

Oh Barmaid, I'm so sorry to hear that.  I'm thinking of you both.  You must be exhausted.  

I had a shrsdded rotator cuff when thet replaced my shoulder.  They had to remove it and reverse the ball and socket.  Now I can't get my arm behind me. 

Excuse my typing errors!

I answered on Friday and my answer  didn't appear.  I've just seen that it turned up.  Goodness knows what happened!

Exhausted doesn't even come close.  But hey ho, its 1am and I am still working since I now have to fit into one day a load more than I used to have to.

Sleep is for wimps! 😀

I've had 2 hips replaced & 1 knee. After the initial three to 4 weeks of pain after the op.i am pain free and walking is great.  Best thing I have had done. 

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Knee Surgery

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