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Do Any Of You Find Getting Appointments Etc Difficult?

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bluefortress | 20:05 Sun 25th Feb 2024 | Body & Soul
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Does anyone else find liasing with their gp surgery incredibly difficult. I was advised by my local phrmacist to speak to my go as they couldn't help my issue.

So I rang up the surgery and the receptionist convinced me that I don't need to see my go and that she would get the surgery's own pharmacist to give me a ring. 

Fair enough, I was going to ask the gp something else too but as it's minor I thought forget it. The receptionist said the pharmacist would ring on Monday afternoon, I asked her for a timeframe as I'm working and can't always drop what I'm doing to answer the phone but she said it will be anytime Monday afternoon. 

It brings back memories of when I was working on the wards during Covid and missed a few gp calls due to the same reason. 

Maybe it's me but don't you think the NHS could at least be better organised in terms of appointments and give people timeframes for when they ring. 




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Can't all *** off to...

^ I agree.  If they get training at UK tax payers expense, they should be bonded for a certain amount of years.

It's a mare. There is however a simple solution. WE should take all the border force staff and the GP receptionists and make them swap jobs. Within weeks everybody would be in their local GP waiting rooms with a hot drink and a biscuit, whilst lawyers would be handing in residense handing out advice on how to claim compensation real or imagined. The illegal immigrants would be on hold listening to a 20 choice option menu after being advised that they were 1,5986,492 in the queue, before they were timed out after being reported for offensive language.   

the Aussies were still advertising for them last year. Quite generous terms, by the sound of it

but 20 days off a month??


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Do Any Of You Find Getting Appointments Etc Difficult?

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