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What Does This Say About A Person?

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Tom9348 | 01:03 Tue 27th Feb 2024 | Body & Soul
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So this person is fairly young, however, they have very little excitement/motivation/interest about most things in life. They don't show any interest in their own birthdays and couldn't care less if they didn't get any gifts. They don't care about getting Christmas gifts either. At new year they go to bed and couldn't care less about new year, they don't understand why people celebrate this. They have very little motivation to achieve anything and just put one foot in front of the other. They have no interest in socialising with anyone and very little interest in forming a relationship. What could be wrong with them? 



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You should meet up with somebody like Dave50, Tom, he'll steer you right. 🙄


No, I think Dave's just a bit grumpy.

How do you feel about religion Tom? Do you appreciate beautiful things? Do you like animals? Have you got a pet ?

You didn't say whether this is a lifelong state or a noticeable change.

Question Author

Khandro- I believe in Christianity. I like animals but don't have a pet 

Tom, if you lay awake at night, worrying about the way you are, and how others see you, then seek medical help.  

However, if you're happy enough with the way you are, then you don't have a problem. Just carry on as you are and don't worry what others may think of the way you live your life.

Tom; If your lifestyle allows it, get a dog - better still a puppy. You'll have to feed it & clean up its do-do and take it for walks, (even when it's raining!) It will be totally dependent on you & and will love you for it. Having something that relies on you so much is what you need.

I'm pleased you embrace the Christian faith, if you had not, I would have suggested finding your nearest Buddhist Centre and enquire about introductory courses. In fact you can still do that while remaining a Christian. 🙂

7.51 David Small describes in some ways my other half  and that is what attracted me to him.  Nothing wrong with him at all.  Just his character.  He's just very much his own person. He has achieved  although he's not in any way competitive.

But if you are unhappy with with what you are,  you may well be depressed.  Forget I mentioned Autism, but a lot of people on that spectrum share some of your traits and they are usually are highly intelligent! 

Yes let's put a label on them, tell them they have some kind of mental disorder then they can go on long term sick and claim benefits. 

sort of unhelpful. There need be nothing wrong.  You dont need to label someone and then say " o! o! there is a "treatment" for this"


But that's the problem Peter, they do.

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What Does This Say About A Person?

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