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Breast Cancer

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naomi24 | 10:00 Thu 29th Feb 2024 | Body & Soul
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Last week a friend found a lump in her breast.  An urgent appointment at the hospital confirmed it to be breast cancer.  However, her breast is now red and inflamed.  I don't know much about breast cancer but I've never heard of it presenting like that just a week after the initial lump was discovered - or at all really.  Is that usual?



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Hi Naomi, no Ive not heard that, but sorry to hear about your friend and I assume that she has been in touch straight away with the doctor / hospital with this development.

On a side note, a casual acquaintance of mine had a letter for a routine mammogram, just like I did, last month, and she wasn't even going to go - she's so busy here there and everywhere, always racing somewhere. Anyway, someone said to her look it doesn't take long, just go. So she did, came home and thought nothing of it. A couple of days later I think, she gets a phone call from the hospital asking her to come in for a further test, which she did. Long story short they broke it to her that she has breast cancer. To say she was stunned is an understatement - no lump, no pain, absolutely zero. Had she not gone she would never have had a clue.....

Sending best wishes to your friend - now that she knows they can start her on the appropriate treatment asap x

it is a variant - mastitis carcinomatosa and she should re-see her GP ( today ) or ring up the secretary of the consultant surgeon who is treating her ( today)

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Thank you for your answers.  Very helpful.


Smow, I wish your friend well.  

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Breast Cancer

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