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henrys202020 | 22:38 Tue 12th Mar 2024 | Body & Soul
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anyone  one  bought   bitcoin



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no - it is at a HIGH which is usually NOT a sign you should buy.

I suspect you can never cash out - but at £30 k per unit dont want to find out practically


If it looks too good to be true .....

no. It's very volatile, up one minute and down the next. If you want to try it, you'll need iron nerves and a lot of spare cash somewhere else.

Remember the old adage: "Q: What's the best way to make a small fortune on the stock market?" "A: Start with a large fortune." Much the same with bitcoin.

It's not good for your body or soul ...

No.  You have to really know what you're doing, understand the risks and be prepared to lose the money.

I've never been a gambler

It's said that institutions (banks etc.) are driving the current rise in bitcoin price. There aren't that many left to "mine" & mining is becoming very expensive. A good many have been "lost" because people have lost access or forgotten where they stored them. 

I don't think the guy in Wales has succeeded in digging up the council tip to try to recover his lost hard drive worth millions.

I wouldn't get into bitcoin now but wish I had 5 years ago - C'est la vie.

Don't believe the claims that well known people endorse bitcoin. Don't be tempted by a low cost offer to start with just £200. You'll be bombarded with calls telling you've got to put in lots more. If you don't understand it, keep away.

 caveat emptor!  They speak of little else in Barnsley.

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