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School Bullying

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Theblip | 12:41 Mon 01st Apr 2024 | Body & Soul
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No idea if this is the most suitable category for this question, but....What's the worst incident of bullying at school you experienced or witnessed or heard about?



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In the 60s I saw a girl chased from school in to a park where a group of boys forced her to the ground, ripped her knickers off and threw them in the pond along with her bags and books. The park keeper rescued her.  

"experienced or witnessed or heard about".

How about "or perpetrated"?

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gingejbee, if you want

Regular caning from Headmaster on lad with obvious learning difficulty problems.

The systematic larupping (with a Dunlop "Green Flash" gym shoe) on the backsides of 30 boys because their form master believed one of them had misbehaved.

The year was 1960. I was in a grammar school in Wales in a mixed sex, new pupils and new building to us, school.  One lad we will call Paul, was a biggish boy for his age but very quiet and didn't seem to want to fit in.  Needless to say this was the three class bullies target.  As the year progressed the bully boys became strong as they were a team and the rest of us were constantly afraid we would be a target.  They graduated to taunting followed by throwing books out of the window and eventually to physical violence which was probably getting out of hand.  The staff were not interested.

One day they set upon Paul and made the mistake of calling his mother a nasty name.  It was as if a light switch was turned on as Paul shot to his feet and very efficiently and in double quick time dispatched the three of them.  There was much blood, tears, bits of hair on the floor and one broken wrist.  We, the rest of the class looked on. Looking back it was magnificent.  Now I can look back with hindsight and realise Paul, who was very sharp interlectually, was autistic.

The three bullies never complained to staff or parents blaming horseplay on the injuries.  They never bullied anyone in my class again.  Priceless.

As the tallest new boy I got beaten up by a second year bully, it didn't take long & never happened again. I think his name was Lunt.

Having been bullied at Grammar School because of my obvious working class background - i was surrounded by the offspring of rocket scientists, brain surgeons, CEOs, etc etc, while my dad sold ice cream from a van outside the school at lunch-time - i fought back and was called into the head's office and was caned.

Having secured a transfer from the Grammar to a Sec Mod, i was again bullied because some of the others thought i must be a posh boy, coming from the Grammar school and all that. Again i had to fight my corner.

Then, at 16, i joined the army and some of the mpre senior soldiers thought it was my duty to iron their uniforms and clean their boots. This time i fought back immediately and the uniforms and boots were given to those that did not.

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School Bullying

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