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smurfchops | 11:52 Wed 10th Apr 2024 | Body & Soul
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Two months after surgery the white of my eye still looks yellow and the lid slightly swollen.  Is this normal?  I have steroid drops. 



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Did they inject an anaesthetic into the eyeball or use drops?  I had one eye that had to be injected and it was sore, slightly bloody and yellowy for ages.

Are the steroid drops specifically for the aftermath of this op. or for something else?

well if your eye was blood shot post op it might be OK

DON'T stop the drops - they dont cause yellow-eye

I would ring the eye surgery sec

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They used anaesthetic drops, I wasn't sedated.  Hopefully it will clear eventually x

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Sorry yes steroid drops for this, dr said it might still be swollen/healing.

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