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100-Day Cough...anyone Had It?

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pastafreak | 17:42 Sun 21st Apr 2024 | Body & Soul
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I think I first saw it mentioned on here. I ask because a few weeks ago my daughter said she had terrible bronchitis and had caught it in Italy 2 weeks previously. Dreadful coughing etc. She still had it early this week...I said...half joking that maybe it was the 100day cough. She'd never heard of it. Go to the doctor, I said. I then googled and was shocked to learn that it's whooping cough. 

She had all the symptoms. 

She finally saw a doctor yesterday and got antibiotics...Dr only asked if she had covid.

She had the Pertussis vaccine as a baby...but apparently it looses effectiveness over time.



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if you are coughing for more than 6 weeks - you should see a GP. There is no other lesson in the script above

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Well...I'm sure I would. I'm surprised daughter didn't as she's pretty good about getting things looked at.

My Grandaughter had a cough, that seemed to last for ages, in the end I took her to the gp who asked if she had been tested for covid, she hadn't, so gp seemed to think that's probably what she'd had, didn't test her after as, by then she, was getting over it.

the ads in the tube used to advise seeing a doctor if your cough lasted more than three weeks. They didn't do so this winter, perhaps to ease the burden on GPs.

The colds arund this last winter seem to have been a lot more vicious than I have seen before; jno jnr says he's had far more of his staff off at any given time.

I had whooping cough as a child and my parents were advised to take a flight as the air at altitude would be better for me. I don't know how that works, but we did take a flight in a Tiger Moth and apparently it did work.

I hope the antibiotics work.

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I was reading earlier that infections have increased because we are no longer masked up. Or to put it another way...infections decreased because we were masked up for several years. 🤔😉

could be! But I had a really stinking cold in early May and I'm still coughing a bit. I never had a cold that lasted more than a week before Covid. 😷

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From the end of 2022 until February 2023, I had 1 cold a month. Barely better, and it would start all over again. So did my daughter.

oh god, poor you. Well, stay away from the whooping germs

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Daughter sent me a YouTube video of stages of whooping cough...she's had them all. The sound of the worst was quite distressing. I wish she'd seen Dr sooner.

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100-Day Cough...anyone Had It?

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