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Are Trainers Ok For Long Walks?

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piggynose | 23:57 Fri 24th May 2024 | Body & Soul
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I do a lot of walking! And I'm due to change my trainers! My question is are trainers suitable for walking ? If not what's the alternative? 




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You can get trainers designed for walking. Lots of choice available

This, from BBC Countryfile magazine, might help:


'Which?' magazine normally requires people to sign up to a subscription in order to read the full details of their reviews but this page appears to be an 'open access' one (with prices which are generally quite a bit lower than in the link above too):

I suppose it depends on how much you are prepared to pay 

Will depend on the terrain  you are walking.  I walk quite a bit. If it is flat I wear skechers. If it is rough walking I have a pair of Grisport Dartmoor walking shoes which are comfortable  from the very first minute you  put them on. 

I have a pair of hi Tec 50 peaks, good all terrain  somewhere between a trainer and a walking boot. Their newer all terrain shoes are much lighter and are a decent price.   Go to a proper sports shoe store preferably one that offers gait analysis.  Much more likely to be comfortable

Don't set off on a long walk wearing anything new on your feet. Trainers should be OK, but wear them daily for some time before you venture out on a long walk in them. 

If you really do a lot of walking you are almost bound to encounter wet conditions underfoot (and possibly over) so I would recommend a lightweight boot style with goretex.

I used to walk miles on rough terrain in anything from high mountain leather boots to Silver Shadow trainers. I can barely manage a couple of miles on the flat now.😥

We're going down to Switzerland (Sierre) next week and it will involve walking but not rough stuff.  I'll be taking a pair of old battered, well-used light shoes. They aren't really waterproof, but I'd rather have wet feet, than sore ones. You can always dry your feet. 🙂 

Wet feet are bad when walking, The skin softens and will rub.  I've come home with badly bleeding feet in very comfy, worn in shoes due to soggy feet.

I've had a pair of Salomon goretex hiking boots for years & years. They are falling to bits through wear & tear but SO comfortable and still waterproof.

PS - OP, if you've already been doing a lot of walking in trainers how come you can't determine their suitability? (just askin')

Goretex is great stuff.  My feet don't get seaty in my Goretex boots, which I find surprising

The shoes I mentioned above are leather with rubber soles, I shall dress them with the German equivalent of what we used to call dubbin, - does dubbin still exist ?  When we were kids, we used to put it on leather footballs . 

You can still buy dubbin in the UK

These are the boots I wore for 20 years while climbing/mountaineering:

As others have said terrain is important.  I hve had a pair of Brasher walking boots for winter/muddy walks, still going strong after 14 years.  In the summer I wear Haglof approach shoes, also still going after many years, lighter and easier to pack.  My Hi Tec walking trainers I keep for sightseeing.

Ok Piggy I assume you know where you're walking and not up a cliff face... walking across the peak district a couple of years ago these suited me fine... combfortable like trainers and just as kind on the wallet... they're still in good use now.:


I wore Lowa footwear (trail shoes?) while walking Caminos.  They were very comfortable and I never got a blister.

I have a nice comfy pair of Brasher walking boots for wet or rough terrain but swear by Merrels walking trainers for regular everyday. Been wearing the brand for about 20years now and am on my 4th pair. Got my eye on these as my next pair.$dw-pdp-primary$

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