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Curly Hair

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lab3186 | 20:46 Wed 24th May 2006 | Body & Soul
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I have really really curly hair and if i left it to dry without product itd go afro style (and not in a good way). i currently use sunsilk serum, have been for about 3 years and its great but it means it takes hourssss for my hair to dry in a nice way with defined curls. my hair is mid length. i dont like straightening my hair as i actually do like my curls but does anyone know a product like a moose or serum that defines curls but allows for your hair to dry quickly. i have a busy lifestyle and need it to dry quicker!!! really appreciate anyones help! thanks :) p.s. i tried frizeeze a while back and it was rubbish!



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i too have real curly hair and i just use fructus smooth and shine serum on it(about �3),its a light serum(some can be thick and sticky!).i use quite a lot and its doesnt seem to grease my hair up just really tames it to dry nice and soft and curly.hope this helps xx
I have curly hair too - when I want it to be a bit smoother but still have a 'kink' in it - I dry it with a dryer whilst at the same time using one of those roto-styler hairbrushes - you know, the ones that rotate quickly themselves. That always seems to 'stretch' my hair out but without making it too straight.
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thank you dollie, i tried doing what you suggested a while back and my hair went massive, it was shocking! thank you for the suggestion :D

and blue eyes ... do u have to blow dry your hair / towl dry it and how long does your hair take to dry when you use fructus?

also, i have heard that fructus isn't very good for people with curly hair (clearly not the case for everyone!!) ... anyone have any opinions on it?

hi..i just towel dry it,put a load of the serum on it,brush it through whilst damp then give it a shake and use my hands to scrunch it up a bit and let it dry natually as any hair dryer heat makes it look like a lions mane! if i leave it to dry it goes really nice and not fuzzy.xx
oh i forgot...the fructus serum doesnt make it take any longer to dry either than having no products on it thats why i like it as your right,all these smoothing creams make it stay wet for longer! xx

hi, my daughter as really curly hair almost afro i buy her funky chunky,you can blow dry it a little and then leave it to dry and dont take long and it leaves her hair in nice curls that dont bush out.try it you never know. good luck.

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Curly Hair

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