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breast devlopment MAN!!!

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javis69 | 20:50 Sat 17th Jun 2006 | Body & Soul
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i am a guy ..hmmm aiight a kinda fat guy hus got sorta breast like development on my chest or maybe excess fat ther not too much but a lil . I wanna Lose em By exercisin I think Push ups might help and pull up but is ther any other way to and pls if U could tell me some home exercises Using a Dumbell or sumhin Not GYM stuff , I cant afford it.. and I am willing to Do streneous exercise any thing jus to get them u noe firm i mean not a hard chest i've seen ppl wit Firm chest jus I want that Plss i noe i am sounding desperate .. but sumhimes i do feel shy to take off my Shirt And when i do noe that i have to I wear a sleevless inside i have a good body and i do look good i noe just tat We all have tat sumhin we hate i jus wanna work on tat too K plssss


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That was difficult to read!!! But i think i understand your point. Try using the dumb bells by holding them out to your sides, then bending your arms in to your chest. This would work your pectorals and upper arm.


(Oh and please rewrite your question in english, it's really difficult to read)

Well done :Ace:...... i'm still working on WTF it means.
Couldnt understand any of it!

I'll take the liberty of a translation lol =P

"I am a guy, hmm, alright, a kind of fat guy who has got a sort of breast like development on my chest, or maybe it's excess fat. There's not too much but a little. I want to lose the fat by excersising. I think that push ups or pull ups might help but is there any other way to lose the fat? And please, if you could tell me some home exercises using dumbells or something, but not GYM equipment, i can't afford it. I am willing to do strenuous exercise, anything just to get them firm, you know, not hard. I've seen people with a firm chest and i want that. Please, i know i am sounding desperate, but sometimes i do feel shy to take off my shirt, and when i do, i know that i have to wear a sleeveless inside (What?=S). I have a good body and i do look good, i know just that we all have something we hate, i just want to work on that too. Ok? Please"

Best I could do, still dont really seem to make much sense...but it's readable now :-)

LOL Ace.....

Lol... that was SO much better :0) Thankyou :Ace:

Got no answers for the poor wee fella though.

How old are you javis69?

javis, 'man-boobs' are just fat, pure and simple. No amount of chest excersise will reduce them. If you build up your pectoralis muscles underneith the flab by excersise they will make the flab stick out even further! Do the chest excersises by all means, (I would do the dumbell flys as Ace suggests, plus press-ups), but to get the effect you desire you will have to do more airobic work to burn off some calories, start running, or at least walking, swimming or cycling, and start to pay attention to your diet.
Try skipping, no joke, it's my old boxing tech. I can go from a handful of fat round my waste too a six pack in 1 month, with just a good rope. Start small and set ya self targets too beat. 5 mins after work first day, will turn into 35 mins on day 7. tone your whole body up, almost like swimming.

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breast devlopment MAN!!!

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