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Metasys weight loss

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lainiej | 14:11 Mon 14th Aug 2006 | Body & Soul
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Having lost 2.5 stones in weight I'm stuck and I've just watched a demo on QVC for Metasys Green Tea Weight loss system. Has anyone tried this and how did it go ? Thanks


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just one thing green tea tastes like poison and i really wouldnt like to drink it everyday!
Question Author
Hi sam..yes I know I've had a cup of it before, but these are capsules. Just wondered if it was yet another desperate slimmers scam or if it works to boost metabolism
Lainie, it is very common to plateau for a while - could be weeks. keep on going and it will start to shift again

PS well Done!
Save your money.Since the sixtys I have tried everything going. W e even had a plastic suit you wore in bed. Powder to put in your bath, special bread,bicuits, granules,toffees.Wasnt somebody fined or jailed a few years ago for selling green tea as a weight loss programme. They cover themselves by saying may help to loose weight so if it doesnt you think its your fault.
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Hi FTVS....thanks for that. I've been stuck for months (on Slimming World plan which is great) only having lost half a stone since January. Its strange that many of us at the group are in the same boat - reached a plateau at this weight.
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Hi Oldwoman ..yeah I remember those toffees, Ayds they were called and they were gorgoeus. I just used to eat them like sweets !!
The funny thing is since I deceided to stop slimming people are always saying Youve kept your weight off. I had my hair cut and choose better looking clothes. The truth ......Im 13 stone and 5ft 2"
sorry hun didnt read the question properly :o)
Question Author
And I bet you look lovely, oldwoman !! x
There's nothing in that which you won't find in any other Green Tea product.

Clipper Green Tea comes in boxes of 20 bags or so from 99p. You can buy Green Tea Caps from Holland & Barrett as well if you don't like to drink the stuff.

It's claimed that Green Tea does have an effect on your metabolism by increasing it, thereby aiding your body's use of excess calories which means they won't be stored as fat.

Many also say that drinking it is good becuase the volume of the liquid consumed has a filling effect and therefore you are not likely to eat as much. I think Sophie Dahl said she drinks in excess of 8 cups a day!!

It has other marvellous health benefits as well including high levels of anti-oxidants which should help keep you looking younger and improve your complexion too.

There's no real need to spend huge amounts of money when the products I've mentioned will have the same effect and there is no real clinical evidence to prove that the consumption of Green Tea does, without question, aid weight loss. It's health giving benefits are widely undisputed.

My sister's a well qualified nutritionist and she recommends anyone looking to lose weight to exercise for 20 mins 3 times a week. That and the Green Tea should help you along to the next level.

Good luck, and well done!!
Question Author
Thanks cubsy. I have some green tea bags in the cupboard so I might give em another go and save the �20 that the Metasys costs.

Thanks everyone Elaine x
I bought them from QVC but you can buy them from Boots and they are much cheaper. By the way they didn't work for me.
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Thanks maggie. Dont think I'll bother !
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Metasys weight loss

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