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14yr old son's knee pain

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Burleydog | 14:52 Mon 11th Sep 2006 | Body & Soul
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My 14 year old son has just started football training again after a end of season break. However every time he runs now he gets knee pain primarly below the knee cap. I have taken him to a sports injury clinic who say he has patella tendonitis caused by growth and posture. I have also taken him to my doctor who says he has that osgudslatsisname (the one where children's bones grow too quickly for their muscles and tendons). Both say he does not need to rest or give up sport. However, when he played his first game this weekend he had to come off just before half time as they where too painful. He has had the pain now for about three weeks and is a very keen sports person plus he has trials soon for the interleague team. Has anyone any suggestions as I don't want him to suffer long term damage but I don't know what to do!


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I had the same thing happen to me when I was his age but the doctors just called it growing pains, all I did was put ice packs on it and took painkillers.
Hi Burley,

It sounds very much like osgood shlatters disease(spelling) the only cure that I am aware of for this is complete rest from games,especially contact sports, he must rest, my son had this again from playing football too much,Sorry but I really think rest is the answer, check with your doctor,but I would be surprised if they say it is ok to play, Ray _schlatters_disease_sum.php

Speaking from experience, I wouldn't advise wearing a knee support when actually playing football, it's a dead giveaway to the opposition of where your weak point is, and kids at that age can be very cruel.

Must say thanks to you Ray, You've thrown light on a subject that 3 NHS Doctors could not really explain.
Good link chimney, I made my son stop playing for 6 months,luckily his occured towards the end of the season,it is very hard to stop kids doing what they want to do,but even if he tried to play the pain will be unbearable.
I agree with you Ray, I didn't stop playing and I still suffer from twinges and bouts of pain every so often, and that's ten years on!
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Thanks for your replies. The link is excellent. I will send off for the knee supports and all I have to do now is pursued him not to play. He does triple jump for the school so that may have triggered this off.

Thank you all again.
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Chimney thanks for the website link. I found this site brilliant and received the two knee straps very promptly. My son actually started sub last night and went on for the last 20 minutes only to score a hatrick and help his team win the match. He was really pleased and once more had no pain whatsoever. Of course I am going to limit him with respect of jumping i.e. basketball, etc. Thanks from a very grateful mum.
Also another tip is to send your son to the gym and concentrate on the rowing machine, this will build the muscles around his knee's.

The treadmill and hillclimbing machines put unneccesary strain on the joints.

But the best thing i've found is static exercise. That's where you stay still and tense the muscles in the knee's for ten seconds at a time
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Thanks Chimney - his brother has a rowing machine so he will be able to use that. Thanks again

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14yr old son's knee pain

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