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If you can guess this you are the Number 1 Abber ???????

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fatmanlevi04 | 01:21 Tue 19th Sep 2006 | Body & Soul
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Imagine you are in a room, with steel walls, floor and ceiling, there is no way in and no way out, no windows escape routes etc.

All you have is a wooden table and a saw. HOW DO YOU GET OUT??

Bet you guys cant get it !!!!!!!!!!!


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I stop imagining.
saw one of the table legs off and club myself to death?
how did i get in there in the first place?
Beam me up Scotty?

Wake up?

Make a coffin out of the table using the saw, saw yourself in half after getting in of course and let the coroner do the rest?
Question Author
You woke up in there wonder woman after you were clubbed with one of the table legs lol THERE is an answer to this
i dunno but im going mental now!!!
Briar, you smarty-pants!!! : )
Carakeel - by the sound of it I'm not right though!

I thought it was a great answer.
make a ladder out of the table using the saw, saw a window into the steel using the saw and there ya go - yer out the window in no time ... ?? : )
Stand on the back of the rocking horse and peer through the wooden table until the steel floor melts, catch the molten steel in a rubber bucket and build a battleship and shoot a hole the ceiling, buy a step ladder from b&Q and climb out tho hole in floor, you catch me out that easy.
Question Author
Carakeel I thought you knew the answer there. Phew, this fat man is still protecting his answer, oh and i can keep you waiting until morning, what a devil i am, bet you all look for the answer in the morning, control is mine lol
or as there is no window window, climb through the hole where the window should have been!!
we used to ask something similar when we were little, but just with a table in the room. the answer was:

Bang on the table until your hand is sore,
"saw" through the table to get two halves,
The two halves will make a hole
Climb through the hole
Shout and shout 'till your voice is hoarse,
jump on the "horse" and ride away!
Is that it?
you use the saw to cut the table in half and to halfs make a HOLE. and jump in the hole to escape


two halves...
ok fatmanlevi, will be patient - AND HAVE NIGHTMARES TRYING TO FIGURE THIS OUT ALL NIGHT!!!!! Hope you have a good night's sleep unlike some of us. lol : (
Question Author
Crisgal how dare you be so bloomin clever you have answered it my thread is dead, Ratter fetch me my horse so I can ride off into the sunset in embarassment
Briar - knew you were brilliant! That has to be it! Please say it is it!!!!! Oh please, don't want those nightmares ...
Briar you're a star! Thanks for that. Thanks also to fatmanlevi, that was fun! Sweet dreams all.
Isn't that what I said in a roundabout way

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Do you know the answer?

If you can guess this you are the Number 1 Abber ???????

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