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My Final Question?? an impossible one lol

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fatmanlevi04 | 01:56 Tue 19th Sep 2006 | Body & Soul
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What happens to our socks when we put them in the washing machine ten pairs go in to be washed and they all come out as only one odd sock, do we all have a monster in our washing machine pinching them, or Ratter are you knitting them together to make a false leg for that wooden horse of yours?


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The horse has grown a new eye so i dont need the 5th leg now, Chum!!
He knits??? This is becoming worrying ... says she who was going to go to bed but was so fascinated with fatman's questions, she is now WIDE AWAKE!!! I think I need a drink ... ooops! I don't drink, so that won't work. Help !!!
Try counting socks
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Guess whose back!!!!!!!!

Sleepeless in the Answer Bank. Now wheres my darn horse??

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My Final Question?? an impossible one lol

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