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A sick question??

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fatmanlevi04 | 01:58 Tue 19th Sep 2006 | Body & Soul
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Forgive me for being so crude, but how come we ALL love the smell of our own s*it and wind (FARTS) but can not bear the smell of someone elses?


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It was the rocking horse, I was just stood near him at the time!! Promise!!
We do??? Oh no we don't! Even my doggie doesn't like the smell of his own farts! I know this because he cuddles up next to me on my bed sometimes, face towards the TV at the end of my bed, bum towards me. He falls asleep (or pretends to) then promptly farts in my direction. Apparently awoken from his fart, he then stands up, sniffs the air, throws me an accusing glance as if I had done the dastardly deed, and leaves the room! Ten minutes later he comes back, sniffs the air and if it is all clear, he jumps up and settles back to sleep again!
Lol Carakeel! I love that!

My (now sadly missed) dog used to surprise herself by breaking wind - she didn't know what the noise was.
Fatman - it's basically accepted as true and even Bertolt Brecht said it in his play Der Kaukasische Kreidekreis (The Caucasian Chalk Circle). It's a pretty handy metaphor for the wider argument - that we never see our own shortcomings even though we react adversely to similar traits in other people.
It IS true! Good question, though I don't know the answer.

Something to do with scent marking territory, perhaps? Our smell is good, stangers bad?
i don't think people exactly like them, more don't mind them
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Well I like mine so much, when one pops out I hide my head under the covers and have a big sniff, well why not??
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Phwoar Carakeel is that you???
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i can smell you a mile off, or it could be the rat arrgggh
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A sick question??

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