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Why do jealous idiots get our questions banned

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fatmanlevi04 | 04:13 Sat 23rd Sep 2006 | Body & Soul
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how come the answer bank can stop personallibly reasonable questions, I had only thanked Ratter, carakeel and mcfluuf for their participation in our mad thread last week?? I have been away on business just to come back to 4 banned questions which were perfectly normal, funny and praising the guys mentioned above. I think I amy have joined this site upset the "oldies" and guess what ban ban ban, surely if us guys stick together we can stop boring jealous individuals from doing this quick b4 she has this question banned, revenge every question or thread i see her involved in guess what ban ban ban come on guys get rid of the wannabes and lets have some fun, honestly ratter, carakeel and the lovely mcfluff should this be allowed or surely they should hsve to give a serious reason answer quick she has a GRUDGE LOL


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Hey hun, i think q's get banned cos we are chatty not for any other reason, i mean it is a Q & a sute and we do (and i am a big offender) chat and have a laugh i love this place its fun and i hope you had a great b'day the other week, but don't look for comspiracy's xxxx
i love your name i'm a (scatman ba ba ba da ba love it ) i know it was your dog name but itrs just remids me of that song sorry
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Bless you Mcfluff, I only think of Levi with sadness even though he has been dead years, now will think of him as a Scatman, xx
You've answered your own Q, fatman...

jealous idiots...

shoot the bu$$ers, I say...
hey noodles xx
Fatmanlevi, Thank you for starting the tread in the first place, im not sure if it started as a serious posting, I don't think so! anyway I haven't had such a laugh for a good while or been so close to being locked up by the men in the white coats.

Its good that just sometime we can be allowed to act like absolute fools, we didn't insult anybody (Except maybe our own intelligence a little) we didn't harm anybody, we were easily ignored.

Hooray for the the three legged rocking horse and the one eyed frog.
Question Author
Ratter the bloomin question is banned wot is going on???
Question Author
Why do we have to put up with poo when we can all have a scr********

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Why do jealous idiots get our questions banned

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