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Wake up get a life and leave us guys well alone

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fatmanlevi04 | 23:35 Sat 23rd Sep 2006 | Body & Soul
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I honestly can not believe in one week the questions I have had banned, and for no apparent reason, the crazy mad laugh ratter and the rest of us had about the rocking horse glass eye, 140 answers was that boring achieving that many answers, come on guys get a grip do we post questions to get three answers, erm is anyone cold tonight, AAArrrggghhh, stop banning bores and try enjoying in Hi all, thats to my mates not the yawns lol, Rebecca


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I agree with you fatmanlevi04, we need to have some fun banter as well. Serious questions should be treated with respect and receive serious answers. But fun should be allowed where appropriate. What would this world be without a good laugh? The banter with Ratter and friends was great fun and kept within its own thread, so it did not harm other more serious threads. Please dear AB ED, don't take everything too seriously, we think you do a great job, but it would be lovely if we knew that you could laugh WITH us occasionally!
well go into your profile and if it is still there it is not banned just reported by the ********** and so u can copy and paste it back on here anytime u like, i missed ot as I work for a living lol give us a copy.
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Carakeel, your like a breath of fresh air, it was a scream wasnt it, beat 3 answers lol
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Hia Dot I have been away all week working too, like you I work for a living as a regional manager so it is impossible to come on here on a night as I have hundreds of people under me to train to maybe one day achieve something in their lives, I do hope you havnt worked too hard, unfortunately I am in France on business next week, however when I return when I have time if you are not working??? sorry you did not say what you did or where I shall respond
well i was the same the other week i had a thread about billy no mates it got banned so did i and i was sing daft songs like obla de and super cal fragalistic, it was a good laugh, but hey not everybody has the same sense of humour but i know were your c oming from and i also relise its not a chat think b/s but i am one of the worst culprits, its just like do what you think see what happens and if you get away with it then good but if not then at least you have a good understanding why
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I agree, if you don't seem to be having a p[roblem lying about you and actually making out they know that much about you they think you are a he and not a she, mmmm problem
fatman you gave yourself 3 stars lol lovin it!
fatman i never see any question or answer you provide that isn't moaning about other people or your answers being banned - just give it a rest and enjoy the site for what it is.... a Q and A site....

in the words of one much much greater than i ... "calm down dear its only a commercial"
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Dot if my questions bore you DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT READ THEM and a thousand stars to you for being the king of chat, shewwwwwww
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Wake up get a life and leave us guys well alone

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