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anyone work away supporting the family all week

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fatmanlevi04 | 02:42 Sun 24th Sep 2006 | Body & Soul
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Then come back to an abusive husband, who makes your life hell, so I try to escape on here and plays aroud with thousands of pounds worth of work stuff, ummm because my office is based out of home


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that is soooo sad, have you noone you can talk to at all? sharing helps alot, i know when I had my roots done and they put the wrong colour on i was so distressed it was like, well, i cannot tell you. But they let me come back for free on the followinf Thursday and they managed to sort it out, but it was touch and go and i had to cancel my nails appointment and you know how hard it is to get in one of those places.
my eyes are beginning to bleed
Oh gawd, I can feel my intestine clenching again with the stress of all this :-(
My ex partner was abusive, he always told me off for not cleaning the oven, so I got a self cleaning one.
I sat on the floor in the kitchen most nights, not to keep away from him, I wanted to see who cleaned the oven.
oh my God blondebird i so know what you mean, my mate sharon had such a traumatic time with her nails and they were those really really expensive ones they sell in superdrug too. but she isn't blonde and so does not know real pain and so i told her to get a life and see how the other half suffer, we have to put up with all this abuse because we have blonde hair but does anyone realise how hard it can be? no, they think we are so lucky to be so stunning and blonde but it takes work
oh dozi i absolutly know what you mean they are really expensive aren't they in superdrug but when i went in there for a new set they said they were discontinued and so i have to wait now til they get more in
I had some of those acrylic ones done. But I was scared to wash my hands so I went to the dry cleaners to see if they needed special treatment.
how much did they charge sandy? I was gonna try those but i am allergic
They only cost �100 blondebird, �50 a hand, not bad.
My horse cost more than that a hand.
but a horse does not have any hands. and if it did it would have four and so it it was �50 a hand it would be .....err..........not �100 but more than that. �192 in fact (I knocked off the 50p)
is my maths right there?
Oh yes it is definately dozi a horse has four legs
well apart from the one that used to be in the field near the school i went to when i was 10, well no i went from 5 til 10 but we moved after thet, but before we moved there was a field near the school and in the field there was a horse that had 5 legs, but it wasnt always there the 5th leg yopu know it was magic leg my mum used to say.
no no no, my horse gets a manicure every two weeks, but I bought him by the hand, now I thought I was dozi but I know that. He was on my left hand side so I bought him.
if he is a left handed horse does that mean he can only go round a race track it it has a left hand bend ? cos if that is the case then you are in luck because all the race tracks on the horseracing on the tele have left hand bends.
or it might be right as i think the Tv is backwards to us which is why noel edmunds is back on tv
My horse is a stallion, his name is Sandy, I don't know why I called him Sandy because he is black.
oh that is so funny that you should call him sandy sandy, cos i had a doll called sindy once and it is nearly the same name.
My doll is called Barbie, I've styled myself on her, she is so pretty, I have all my clothes made the same as hers too.
ooo that must be a tight squeeze then sandy. still bet you save on storage space.

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anyone work away supporting the family all week

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