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ladys perfume

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fms | 15:13 Tue 21st Nov 2006 | Body & Soul
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is it normal to be able to smell a ladys perfume an hr or so after she has left the building or do you think she may have over applied it?


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Hi fms. Sounds as if she's bathed in the stuff if you can still smell it after an hour.x
OMG that was my nan,she's terrible for it
Oh, I see you work alongside Nikki Flanders too....
f m s ,,,,, do you know what the perfume was so all the LADIES can avoid it .
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I say she has put just a tad too much on unless she was secretly spraying the place when you weren't looking marking her territory like a mad cat-woman?

Sorry don't mean to imply she's mad but in this day and age you never know.
I wouldnt mind if it was the smell of brute original, I love the smell of that...
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dunno wat it is but its still here and will probably be up me nose all day now should i tell her next time as im bound to smell of it wen i get home and that could pose all sorts of difficult questions? hehe
my friend use to drown herself in perfume and i'd be able to smell it for ages at the time it was just after i had my son and when she held him it would linger on his clothes for ages i had to tell her to take it easy when she came round as it really got on your lungs
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its like you can smell it as soon as you open the office door
The woman who listens to my son read at school wears some really strong stuff, you open his reading record book and the smell hit you its been on it for 3 months and getting stronger. So the other day I gave it a good dose of diesel for women that should hopefully get up her nose hehehe

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ladys perfume

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