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Serious Questiion

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##Wardy## | 15:29 Tue 21st Nov 2006 | Body & Soul
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What is a nice trendy perfume for a 21 year old hip female?

Bloody christmas.


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Lacoste. Very nice.

What are you getting me?
Light Blue
Jean Paul Gualtier
Gucci 2

Thats what i 22 now though :o(
Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy and J'Adore Perfume by Christian Dior i love these 2
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im 23

is it for you or are you buying perfume as a gift for someone of 21?
Any Chanel or Givenchy Irrestistible.... x
nike for women my daughters got it lovely or love thats nice too
Question Author
It is for dinner party where I have to buy this 21 year old girl (daughter of a friend, before you get ideas) a present for under 50 quid.

I assume perfume is a safe bet.

Thanks for your suggestions.

Wardy a 21 yr old hip female!!!!

Where have you been, babydust?
serious answer:

i personally ould never buy perfume speculatively for anyone else, because it's a personal thing, what smells you like etc. and its a lot of money to waste if it just stays in the back of the bathroom cabinet for ever more. Whats more, something that smells nice on someone else might smell quite vile on you (her)
boots do some lovely gift sets such as kylies new purfume, and all the designer ones, I'd go in ask the persons advice and get a gift set. Stella M's ones are really nice as are Armani remix, and D&G femme
Question Author
Christ................ I have just discovered Brittney Spears does one. She is quite cute.
im backing ummmm, Lacoste is my favourite at the moment. (not that im anywhere near 21!)
Hugo deep red is nice too and Hugo purple.
where have i been? oh Suffolk!
Question Author
I am now all worried what bedknobs has said.

Should I play it safe and go for a sex toy then?
i wish it was friday.

if you dont know what perfume to choose get a voucher.

if i was given britney spears perfume i would NOT be happy shes 21 not 12

happy sniffing!!
sex toy? could do get her a rampant better than sex and at least you dont have to talk to it after :P
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not the one that the lady wore this mornin to my meeting!

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