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men who are cut or uncut ,,ladies what do you like better?

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Blyss | 01:29 Sun 21st Jan 2007 | Body & Soul
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see above?


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See above what??
see above where it says see above and you will see the question, strange way of asking a question though !
Yeh ok but Toureman what is she asking has been cut (or uncut) - or am I being really naive??

i like to keep my hair tidy these days. when i was younger i used to let my hair grow to shoulder length... i must have looked a bit of a sight but iwas happy !!!! LOL
i think you being naive Pinky....
I'm not a lady but I'm er one of the above! I'll sit back and watch the non-answers! surely more to play with is more fun tho!
why cut then ummmmm?
I thought the question meant circumsised or not. Perhaps like me they were unsure of the spelling so typed cut
-- answer removed --
I cut my finger the other week and it really hurt,this isn't funny Blyss,how would you like a cut finger ? it still hurts a little bit,but I was very brave,and put a little plaster on it. :-)
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never post when you have drunk a bottle of vodka .

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men who are cut or uncut ,,ladies what do you like better?

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