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how long after eating do you have an empty stomach

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bednobs | 21:10 Wed 27th Jun 2007 | Body & Soul
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As above.
i have to take these antibiotics which say "TAKE 1 HOUR BEFORE FOOD OR ON AN EMPTY STOMACH".
Well i ate about 1.5 hours ago - would you class that as an empty stomach


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takes 6 to 10 hours to digest a meal take them with milk to be sure, to be sure to be sure :)
Well, how empty does your stomach fell? and why did you not take it an hour b4 u ate..tut tut
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i got them this afternoon, and didnt even look at them till just a minute ago
bednobs, im curious what are these antibotics for...uummm??

dont tell me if its too personal x
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i have an infected toe. why?
im just nosey.... :0)
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Think about how long it is in between your meals. I would think taking one after two to three hours would be fine.

Now if it was me I would be b*ggered as my tummys never empty!
looking at bobtheturkeys advice, i have antibiotics that say an hour before food or an empty stomach, but also state do not take with milk, so be careful!

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how long after eating do you have an empty stomach

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