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Preparing for cataract surgery

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msgolddocter | 18:57 Wed 08th Aug 2007 | Body & Soul
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Has anyone been told they could not wear contacts for at least a week before being measured for cataract surgery and several weeks before the surgery? why would this make a difference?


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For a number of weeks prior to cataract surgery you have to instill drops into your eye in preparation for the operation. I would suspect that contact lenses would not allow these drops to fully cover the surface of the eye.
And to further what stewey has said, there is a possability that the drops might be deflected by the lenses from entering your eye. Therefore making your eyes not fully prepared and making surgery dangerous.
When I was looking into laser eye surgery I was told not to wear contacts for 6 weeks prior to it! Its because they measure your eye SO precisely for the laser and contacts can/do change the shape of your eye (just a tiny bit, but the measurments are SO accurate) that you have to have no contacts in so that the eye can return to its natural shape

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Preparing for cataract surgery

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