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Help...I injured my back and im in pain!

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londonlad888 | 20:14 Mon 28th Jul 2008 | Body & Soul
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Today I was in a rush to get to the bank before it closed.
I was running, but missed a step and somehow slipped over.
I landed awkardly on the pavement.
Basically, my left side hit the curb quite hard.

Now it's hurting quite a bit, and I have to move slowly (ie when getting up or sitting down).
The pain is on the left side, down the middle.

I'm not sure if it is worth going to the doctors to get it checked out or not. Maybe it's just muscle pain, and I need to rest.

Any advice?


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Yes, you should go to see the doctor. A friend of mine did exactly the same thing and she has been in enormous pain. However, the doctor has referred her to a physiotherapist which is helping quite a lot. Hope the pain goes down soon. It may be severe bruising which is causing the trouble. Witchhazel is very good for bruising.
Seeing an ostepath could be quicker than physio despite the cost.

Are you bruised? If so then arnica gel could help with the bruising and painkillers or painkilling gel could help with the pain.

If you think there's any chance of anything being cracked like a rib then make sure you have an XRay done.
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How can i tell if something is cracked?
It just hurts at the moment,feels like bruising or muscle swelling.
Shall have a rest and see how bad it is tommorow i think
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You probably have severe pain on breathing etc...

Probably just bruised but if the pain gets any worse then get an x-ray.

They don't tend to do much for ribs now and strapping them up can make things worse so get some rest and pain relief, get checked out if it feels like more than just bad bruising.

I came off a horse and smacked my ribs on the ground, hurt like hell for about a week after then cleared itself up.
It's arnica for bruising....with-hazel is for spots.

go to the docs mate.....have a few days off work.
I have suffered with a bad back for years. Physio told me to ice it as soon as injured it. Then take ibuprofen and paracetamol at same time. Dont stay still too much or it will seize up. Try this for a few days and then if no better go to gp who can give you stronger pills and investigate further.
If you have cracked a rib this could be dangerous as nearby tissue could get torn, so please see a doctor or A & E to set your mind at rest.
The standard treatment for injuries such as these is RICE - rest, ice, compression and elevation - all of which are practically impossible for your back!!
Medics will want to get the sweling down before diagnosing further so given no major injuries, try the old frozen peas in a tea towel on the hurty bit and take something like ibuprofen if you can tolerate it. But brace yourself for a long haul as injuires like this tend to need a lot of varied treatment before they are better properly.
i hurt my back a while ago, doing much the same thing! after a week of painkillers i was still in quite a bit of pain, went to see the doc and they said was prob muscular, prescribed some higher dosage painkillers and told me to keep moving, resting it made it worse. it took at least 2 weeks to feel normal again, but yes, i would defo visist the doc just to check its nothing more. get better soon!
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Thanks for the replies people.
Glad I found this website.

Visited my GP today, and basically has settled my worries.
Doctor said it's most likely internal bruising, and basically prescribed me some painkillers.

Also told me to carry on as normal as possible, and hopefully within 7-10 days should feel better.

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Help...I injured my back and im in pain!

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