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drinking tea makes me feel sick. why?

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sezweblee | 11:08 Thu 14th Jan 2010 | Body & Soul
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hi, if i have more than 2 cups of tea i feel really sick! does this happen to anybody else? does anyone know why it makes me sick please? thanks in advance :) xxx


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It happens to me with coffee. It could be that you're sensitive to caffeine.
I use to drink bucket loads of coffee. Gave it up for really ill and now can only drink about 2 cups a day.
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oh thanks umm but what i dont understand is i can drink as much diet coke as i want, but dont feel sick. has tea got more caffine in it? i do like a very strong cuppa! thanks again um x :)
I'm like ummm with coffee and I love tea, but sometimes I have to admit to feeling sick if I drink too much of it.
Sorry I left out an 'm' ummmm
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Could it be the milk? I have unsweetened soya milk in tea, it is a bit 'nuttier' in flavour but as I dont have a sweet tooth its lovely and much healthier. After a while, 'real' milk tastes sickly.You can't take it in coffee though as it curdles. You can also take soya milk on cereal. Try black coffee. Good luck :)
I drink black tea, so it can't be the milk for me.

However, I too have unsweetened soya (have found Morrison's own 'long life' to be the nicest in my opinion) on cereals. I can't stand milk - it really makes me feel sick.
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Tulia, I agree about milk in tea. It seems so wrong. Milk is thick and greasy. Tea needs to be clean tasting. I have had people make me a cup of tea with milk and I just can't even bear to look at it. The smell is just awful too!! I must admit I do like strong black tea though. I can't bear it weak. Green tea is quite nice though.
One cup of pg tips is great but afterwards makes me really thirsty!
I also agree it could be the milk, I remember reading somewhere that when you make tea or coffee with milk It curdles when It hits your stomach acids. Sezweblee have you tried drinking maybe one of the arromatic teas out thre that doesn't require milk?
I highly recomend rooibush (redbush tea)
Redbush tea Is available at all supermarkets btw
I only have one cup of tea first thing in morning & have a tiny amount of Sainsbury's skimmed milk in it, which doesn't make me feel sick.

I then drink water, or squash for the rest of the day, as I find tea/coffe can make my heart race, although I do enjoy the odd cappuccino when we're out.
.....Sainsbury's Red Label tea bags are what I use.
Try Clipper White tea.
Tea can cause indigestion if you have a sensitive duodenum. Try eating a biscuit with you cup of tea.
Perhaps you are pregnant
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wow! thanks all! you have all give me great answers. maybe it is the milk but having said that, i have my tea really strong with just a drip of skimmed milk as i am not keen on milky things. i will try green tea & soya milk! thanks all once again! you smarties!!! :) x
This never happened to me. Instead, I drink tulsi ginger green tea when I feel cold and cough. I especially like this herbal tea

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drinking tea makes me feel sick. why?

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