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Shortage of Organ Donors

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AB Editor | 14:04 Mon 18th Jan 2010 | Body & Soul
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As the country has a shortage of those willing to donate organs upon their death should the country adopt a different donation policy?

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Should the Organ Donation System Be Changed?

  • Yes, an "opt-out" system should be imposed. - 31 votes
  • 61%
  • No, the current system is fine. - 12 votes
  • 24%
  • A "Opt-In" system which excludes those not registered for organ donation from receiving organ donations themselves if preferable. - 8 votes
  • 16%

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sqad - " in piece..." would rather rest in peace than in pieces ;)
whe my sister died her organs were donated and they were able to use her lungs, heart, kidneys, liver and cornea's

at least something good came out of it

i'm registered but after the abuse i sujected my body to i don;t think anyone would want them!
I have carried a donor card since 1977, back then it was just for kidneys.
But thanks to tremendous strides in transplant surgery I now carry a fancy plastic card which offers all my organs for transplant or research(I am also registered online)
If nothing else I am saving myself from a costly funeral!
Every cloud has a silver lining

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Shortage of Organ Donors

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