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Why am I not losing weight?

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katiegreen | 09:35 Tue 19th Jan 2010 | Body & Soul
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Basically I have been following a very strict diet of 500 calories a day combined with around 2 hours exercise a day for three weeks now. I do know this is very unhealthy, but just wanted to lose the weight quickly! I have not been cheating at all (in fact usually eat between 200-300 calories a day), and have been eating very low fat / no fat foods. The exercise is all good fat burning exercise, and I have also been drinking lots of water and green tea. Anyway, I have only lost a couple of pounds over the three weeks (which I assume is mostly water weight), and cannot understand how this is possible as I know when you eat very little weight loss suppossedly slows down, but I'm eating a lot less calories, than I'm burning, so surely scientifically I should actually be losing weight?? Any ideas would be much appreciated!! Also, I'm 5ft 7ins and 11 its not like I have no weight to lose!! Thanks


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diz, I would argue it is as simple as avoiding carbs, yes.
flobadob do you realise that this is the ketogenic diet you are advising though?
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It really boils down to the fact that Katie is not actually overweight, although she is near the top of the scale for healthy weight.

She has no need whatsoever to follow any diet plans, etc. Just needs to keep an eye on her weight, excercise and eat healthily. What she is doing is just not good for her and may cause her long term health problems.

Maintaining a healthy weight is for life. Very overweight people probably do need dietary advice from a qualified dietician.

Perhaps Katie ought to see her GP for proper advice.
Katie you are 5ft 7ins and 11 stone o.m.g you seriously need to lose weight!!!!!!!!!


i am 5ft 4ins and i weigh between 10½ to 11½
do not cut down your eating ,just go for walks and burn off the calories
I have tried loads of diets, all with varying results, and many of them considered to be unhealthy.

I am now in week 2 of the Weightwatchers points program, and have lost 7 pounds so far. I am amazed at how much I am actually allowed to eat and feel as though I am eating more than I ever did. I am not restricted in what I eat, as long as I do not go over my daily allowance of 30 points.I would highly recommend this diet.

I don't actually go to the Weightwatchers classes as you have to pay a monthly fee, so I purchased the 2010 diet plan on Ebay for a few quid.
I would like to try weight watchers or slimming world but just dont have the money to. I would end up having to make 2 meals and having to buy things I dont normally buy for the recipes
This happened to me and I've started a blog about it

I found some very interesting stuff including a free video explaining what's happening to you. I've followed the advice and I've started losing weight again!!

Basically, the important thing is to eat enough to give your body the nutrients it needs, plus doing the right kind of exercise i.e. NOT cardio!! Media URL:
Description: My blog on why I wasn't losing weight
Hi katiegreen

I had the exact same thing happen to me!! I was dieting and exercising and not losing weight. I started a blog to find out what was happening to me and I've found lots of good stuff including a really interesting free video which explains exactly what's going on.

Basically you need to eat enough calories to get the nutrients your body needs, which you can't on 500 calories. And you need to do the right kind of exercise ie NOT cardio!! Media URL:
Description: My blog explains why I'm not losing weight and maybe the same for you
i never saw anyone say anything about gaining muscle which is heavier than fat , maybe there but i never saw it .

now your doing 2 hours a day exercise you will be building up yoir muscles so even though your burning of the fat in your body the muscles will fill less space but will weight more , so or a period of time with that type of training you should have expected to gain weight .

" i am assuming you are now doing 2 hours a day where as before you were doing much less "

however 3 weeks down the line you should be seeing some differance , with any diet i would seek medical advice and obtain diet sheets from doctors that way you will know your not over doing it.

good luck

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Why am I not losing weight?

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