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Onwards & Downwards: September 2017

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AB Editor | 09:06 Fri 01st Sep 2017 | Weight Loss & Dieting
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Hi all,

Shiny new thread for September! Here is the August thread:

How is everyone doing?


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Thanks Ed. Badly really. Whilst still up and down short term, I'm presently permanently peeved at having still not reversed a jump up from February. Ah well...
Not sure of weight loss don't weigh in until Monday, but I bought some clothes from GAP and they fit - so chuffed!!
Thanks Ed. It's great to be able to start a new thread on time....much appreciated :-))
I'm loosing slowly but surely. I engaged the help of a dietician and an sticking to her food plan like glue. It's paying off and since I was eating the right kind of food albeit too much of it. I'm not going through the agnony of having to eat different food than I'm used to. I've lost 7 pounds this month. I also go to rehab training twice a week and go for walks....not long ones.
I do next to no walking since giving up work. Oh course we all walk during the day but now I've no reason nor incentive to be walking far. Walked back from the garage after dropping my car off for an MOT earlier this week and I was surprised how much out of breath I got. I need something other than, "It's good for you", to increase exercise naturally during the day. Doing it for the sake of it wouldn't last long, I know me better than that.
started yesterday and kept a note of calories imbibed yesterday. 164 calories remaining at the end of the day. MyFitnessPal is a good way of counting calories.

However I haven't gained much weight at all. I am actually 5lbs down on what I was a cupple of years ago.

But do have a level of bloatedness.
I managed to walk 3.5km's at lunch time today - 7 months ago I couldn't walk 350 yards!!
Good morning all, I'm down a pound. If thinking about food put on weight I'd be the size of a baby elephant. We went out for a seafood lunch on Sat. And shared a chocolate gateau dessert and much to my surprise it had no effect on the scales which was nice. Within the next 3 weeks I hope to have achieved my first goal. I'm already feel the positive physical effects...more energy, walking better than I have since my illness and gone is the huffing and puffing.
Everyone seems to be doing well.
Well chocolate gateaux for breakfast for me then.
Still stayed the same . Ok with that despite I have had a few naughties. Well,done again xstitcher .Og this could be half of my problem I drive everywhere and park as near as I can to shops I want .
Up again. sigh
0.8 lbs this time.

(Yesterday I was so heavy I'd not been like that since February 2012 !)
Well it's dropped two days on the trot (thank goodness) but the three day uncontrolled (much) weekend beckons.
Well,I have some work to do after what I have eaten tonight.
Morning well I have eaten more naughties this week that last and lost a little over a pound .but I won't take that as a solution as will probably stay the same next week .
I lost 3 stone when xstitcher and I started this over 3 years ago and have just played around with the last stone .no way will I let that go back on .
Well done.

I'm down 0.4 lbs from the horribly high reading from last Wednesday.
(It was a high rise weekend.)
Hmmmm it seems that my early morning post didn't come through. I'm down a kilo. It was easy, I have the flu so food isn't tempting.
Good morning all, down 2 lbs. the flu turned into pneumonia but apart from feeling the worst I've ever felt it didn't effect my appetite so I'm very pleased with the loss. I did make chicken soup....can't be poorly and not have chicken soup.
A limp lettuce leaf aptly describes how I feel now, but I have no infection left.
Down a further 0.8 lbs.
Still way too high though.
Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well x.
Stayed the same . That was expected . Hope you soon be well xstitcher and well done for your loss

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Onwards & Downwards: September 2017

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