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Onwards & Downwards!

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ABSpareEditor | 12:38 Mon 15th Feb 2021 | Weight Loss & Dieting
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But please don't question the methods.
I read that because of lockdown some people are turning to alcohol for consolation. Contrary to this, I did the dry January & have now extended it into February with out what I thought would have been hardship.

I have consequently shed 7 lbs in 6 weeks, sleep profoundly & feel better all round.
I dare you,sqad!

I have had a glass of red just about every night since Christmas. Sleep like a log. Weight shifts up and down by several pounds. Just normal fluctuations.
I’ve lost nearly a stone by (almost) giving up alcohol.
Well done cloverjo!
I don't really need to lose, and I have normal seasonal ups and downs.

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Onwards & Downwards!

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