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Asthma and overweight children

By Merill Haseen A NEW study shows that children have a higher risk of getting asthma if they are overweight. Scientists from King's College, London, studied 15,000 children, aged between four and01:00 Mon 22nd Jan 2001

Economy class syndrome

By Merill Haseen DEEP vein thrombosis (DVT), also known as 'Economy Class Syndrome' can strike anyone who is immobile for long periods of time. It's caused by a blood clot which forms in the leg,01:00 Mon 22nd Jan 2001

Bathing babes

By Merill Haseen BRITAIN'S newest swimming star is nine-month old Eva Davies. She has just swum into the record books as the youngest child ever to be awarded a distance certificate for ten meters01:00 Mon 22nd Jan 2001

Why taking a 'sickie' could a be a thing of the past

By Merill Haseen YOU may have heard the words 'Duvet Day' a lot recently, but they don't refer to a bedlinen sale at Debenhams. Rather, they're a way of reducing stress and rewarding employees. 01:00 Mon 15th Jan 2001

Dodgy docs on the net

By Merill Haseen ARE you looking for information about a medical condition Don't believe everything you read on the net - especially when it comes to life-threatening diseases. There has been a01:00 Mon 15th Jan 2001

70% of Brits forget to eat

By Merill Haseen AS OUR lives get busier and busier, and we have more and more to do, it seems that we're not getting our priorities quite right. In an effort to squeeze a little extra time into the01:00 Mon 15th Jan 2001

The biggest boob

By Merill Haseen WOULD you let your daughter have cosmetic surgery Hitting the news is Jenna Franklin, who has asked for a breast enlargement as a 16th birthday present. For some time now, Jemma01:00 Mon 08th Jan 2001

Do we need daily prayer

By Merill Haseen IS DAILY prayer in schools necessary these days It's a century since a law was passed that made daily collective worship compulsory in schools. The School Standards and01:00 Mon 08th Jan 2001

Lunar links to your health

By Merill Haseen HAVE you noticed feeling a little odd around the time of the full moon The next full moon will be on 9 January, 8 February and 9 March so take more notice of your moods around01:00 Mon 08th Jan 2001

Granny the nanny

By Merill Haseen A FEW generations ago, it was usually granny who looked after the children when both parents went out to work. She either lived with the family or close by, and her role was taken01:00 Thu 21st Dec 2000

Early developers

By Merill Haseen Press AssociationPARENTS are having to face the fact that their daughters could have the bodies of women before they even reach their teens. The average age for the onset of01:00 Thu 14th Dec 2000

Regulating alternative therapies

By Merill Haseen IN THIS country, we spend more than 350 million a year on natural remedies, but how do we know they work Although many alternative remedies can be as safe and effective as01:00 Sun 31st Dec 2000

Alternative remedies

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Learning to sleep

By Merill Haseen SCIENTISTS at Harvard Medical School claim to have proven what your teachers always told you: staying up all night to study does you more harm than good. The researchers found01:00 Sun 31st Dec 2000

Stress: can you escape from it

Is stress the plague of the 21st century Is it the result of our greedy, consumer-driven society pushing us to strive for more of everything We in Britain work the longest hours in Europe, an01:00 Sun 31st Dec 2000

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