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Addicted To Smoking? Find The Perfect Antidote

16:37 Mon 24th May 2010 |

The media plays an important role in influencing youth culture, so the portrayal of smoking in the media has massive a impact on what society thinks is fashionable. One of the biggest trends among women is smoking - but why waste your money on cigarettes when you could buy some new trendy shoes?


Are you smoking or joking?

Smoking and fashion are two peas in a delirious pod. A lot of fashion photos portray images of cool, chic models standing around posing while smoking, which shows young girls that not only is it ok to smoke but it’s actually fashionable. Positive images of smoking in the media have the potential to down-play the serious health consequences of smoking by portraying it in a way that young people interpret as a normal part of everyday life.


Although a huge proportion of the UK smoking population are quite happy to puff away on just another fashion accessory without thinking of the consequences. 66% of smokers said they do want to give up. The most common and obvious reason for quitting is health reasons, with 86% mentioning at least one health reason. After health, the next most commonly mentioned reason is cost, with 27% saying they feel like they are throwing so much money away on their addiction.


But what are they really addicted to?

Statistics have shown that 48% of women who smoke do so to give them confidence in social situations, what they don’t know is that smoking acts as a shield and in social situations a women with a cigarette could actually be seen as more unapproachable than a women without a fag in hand.


Celebrities flaunt smoking, giving the image that not only is it socially acceptable but also looks good. As well as those paparazzi shots of celebrities there is also celebrity endorsements, which could either make or break the tobacco industry. The effects of celebrities and smoking, and smoking on screen generate not only a significant amount of revenue because they make smoking look "cool", but celebrities and smoking also generate new smokers. And new smokers are what keep the tobacco industry on its feet.


Smoking is cool, stylish and gives ultimate pleasure, so much so that 44% of female smokers regard smoking as their main source of pleasure. Smokers say when smoking they feel happier and tension free – what could make you happier that buying that designer handbag or pair of fancy designer shoes that you have been dying to buy. Use the money you spend on smoking and put it to better use.


Filthy and Fashionable?

By having on-screen images of smoking, in particular the number of lead characters that smoke in a film or on television, proves to be un-realistic. Research has found around 30% more people are portrayed as smokers on screen than in reality.

It may not quite cost a million dollars to smoke but the million dollar question is - why break the habit of a lifetime?



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