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Girls Night out Rules: A Guide to the Perfect Night on the Town

16:37 Mon 24th May 2010 |

If there is one thing girls know how to do (other than shopping) it’s to have a great night out. So after a day of frantic shopping for that perfect outfit the least you can do is dress to impress accompanied by killer heels and then head into town for a night of girly fun.

Dos and Don’ts of a night out:

Do make sure you eat something before you head out for a night of drinking else you will be getting a taxi for one home before the night has even begun. Try something light so you still feel comfortable in that new figure hugging dress you bought - but at the same time know you will last long enough to be seen wearing it.

Don’t feel guilty about wearing the first outfit you tried on, even if your room resemble a bomb site of night out outfits. You will need something to do the next day while nursing a hangover so why not re-arrange your wardrobe while you’re at it. 

Do wear your highest most fabulous shoes, after all its not every day we get to look our best and feel a million dollars. Hailing a taxi in the middle of the night barefoot is a small price to pay for looking glamorous all night - as long as the photo’s stop before this sight occurs.

Don’t get cross when the DJ won’t play that cheesy tune which gets you up and dancing every time, its only the best song ever because your tipsy and instead of being a floor filler it will be a floor killer.

Do apply some striking make up to dazzle your fellow party animals. Be creative and sport a look which will take you from day to night time. Also why not accessorise to match your make up, so go daring with red lips and accessorise your LBD (little black dress) with a ravishing red clutch bag – to fit in the essential items, lip gloss, mobile phone, camera etc.

Don’t start singing power ballads in the street after the pubs have closed and you’re stumbling around in those heels that made your outfit look fab at the start of the night, but now you are tottering around like when you used to dress up in your mums high heels when you were younger- or maybe even Bambi learning to walk.

Do hit the dance floor waving your arms like you just don’t care. Beyonce’s got nothing on you!

Useful Tips:

Preparation for a girly night out can be stressful and rushed so start getting ready early and enjoy a glass of wine while doing your hair and makeup, which will mean you aren’t flushed before you head out.

Enjoying a few drinks while getting ready and even after you are ready will kick start the night off and get you in the party mood - but too many could mean you can’t see straight and you could go out looking like a clown, so don’t drink too much before your makeup is applied.

To get you in the party mood even more put on some upbeat tunes to either have as background noise or to have a pre-night out sing and dance. Remember to take pics before you go out too so you have proof you did look good and sober at some point.

The best tips of all are get glammed up so you look a million dollars, get all your girls together and head into town looking and feeling great, geared up for the night ahead - go girls because your worth it.

- K.J.N -

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