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If you file a nil P35 online is it automatic that you wont be filing P45s?

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Uberloitenment | 20:26 Thu 05th May 2011 | Personal Finance
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HMRC want me to file a P35 online, even though I have no employees, so I have filed a nil return. And they also asked me to file starter and leaver information (P45 etc)

I'm pretty certain that I don't need to do anything other than the nil P35 and I can't find anything to the contrary but I wanted to make absolutely sure there isn't another link that I need to tick a box against rather than risk a fine.

Anyone know for sure?


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Are you an employee or do you make a Self Assessment return as Self Employed?
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I am an employee / director of my own company. I pay myself a salary and make a self assessment as an employee (not self employed). I have no other employees and HMRC therefore told me I had to submit a nil P35. They didn't mention anything else
There's the rub, then. You DO have an employee - YOU!
What HMRC is requiring you to do is to make an entry in respect of your companys' employees - if there is merely one of them and that is you, that what your company returns. What it wants you to do is make the necessary return so your company provides the summary of NI (employees and employers) and tax deducted at source and paid to them (either monthly or quarterly throughout the year) is respect of yourself.
Even though you are the sole employee or your company, you have to treat the relationship with HMRC as two separate entities - the company you run and you as an employee of a company.
If you use HMRC's own software package to run your 'payroll' this software is capable of running the P35, issuing you with a P60 for you as an employee, and making the entry to HMRC in respect of your 'employee'.

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If you file a nil P35 online is it automatic that you wont be filing P45s?

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