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Opening an account overseas from mainland

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MrMister | 20:57 Sun 12th Dec 2010 | Personal Finance
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Is it possible to do this, particularly in banks over asia ?


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Most if not all banks will require a face-to-face meeting at some stage before an account will be opened, but you would have to ask the bank in question in the country concerned. But your question appears incomplete and your intentions are far from clear.
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A friend of mine is interested in opening an account in India from England, just wanted to know if its possible to open the account from England.
If you have an account with HSBC you are able to do it easily. They will arrange to open the account and verify your ID/address here and confirm this to the country you wish to open the account in, this is done all the time through HSBC as it is a global bank, not sure about other banks though.

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Opening an account overseas from mainland

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