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What Should I Do If Someone Is Just Sitting On My Invoice?...

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entranced | 15:40 Tue 24th Oct 2017 | Business & Finance
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i did some tractor driving for someone and they were unhappy about me leaving...i think they may be getting funny about paying me the grand they owe. What can i do? there was no contract...just my invoice. suggestions pls...


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was your discussion with the someone witnessed at all? Have you sent an e-mail or note with a quotation or estimate on it?
send a registered letter asking for payment for services to be paid within 28 days intimating that non payment would result in recovery via the small claims court, a relatively easy procedure
I once did almost exactly what murrayments has recommended, and it worked. The other side paid up without a murmur. If you don't prod the other side, they'll just "forget" it.
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thankyou all for those suggestions and questions...DTCWORDFAN,i did send an invoice with bank details enclosed in a note...unfortunately there were no witnesses to the agreement to take me on but ofcourse many witnesses to my participation on the farm...thankyou everyone :)

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What Should I Do If Someone Is Just Sitting On My Invoice?...

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