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Premium Bonds

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granny grump | 21:20 Sun 15th Sep 2019 | Business & Finance
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Afriend tried to buy Premium bonds at the Post Office and they told her that they didn't do them any more and had to get them on line She doesn't have access to a computer surely that can't be right.


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online, by post or by direct bank transfer, no longer at the post office
or by phone apparently - 08085 007 007
Question Author
Thank youWhere does she get the forms from if not from the Post Office? She doesn't have a computer
Here is the form - can someone print one off for her ?
Question Author
Yes I can but it still limits those who have no access to a computer Surely the post office could hold a stock of forms
If she phones them they would send her the forms.

Perhaps they consider four ways to buy sufficient.
REDICULOUS. Having a computer shouldn't be a necessity. Premium bonds aren;t what they used to be.
It isn't a necessity, were it me I'd buy them via the phone.
Question Author
Thank you I'll print one off for her and give her the telephone number
Post Office Counters Ltd can't negotiate a contract with National Savings that's mutually beneficent to both parties. (i.e. where the Post Office makes enough money from the sale to make it worth their while selling Premium Bonds but where National Savings don't have to spend much more than they do by selling online). It's just the same as with TV licensing, where licences are no longer available through post offices because the economics don't work out right for both parties.

It makes perfect sense to me.
The telephone number amused me, ending in 007 007.
^^^ particularly now when there are no 'Agents'
^^^ 'beneficent'?
That should have been 'beneficial'.
I really must take more care with this spell-checker!
NS&I are no longer part of the Post Office.

You used to be able to get the Premium Bond Application Leaflet from WH Smith.

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Premium Bonds

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