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Metro Bank Need To Pass An English Test To Open Account

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newbie99 | 17:13 Sun 08th Dec 2019 | Business & Finance
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Took my sister to Metro today and was told her English is too poor to open an account. Are they having a laugh?
I know my sister has got a degree I the English language, but she managed to communicate with customers as a shop assistant.
I fee it very discriminatory against the people where they have language skills.

Are there any other Banks does not require a degree in English to open an account?



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You have said your sister has a degree in English language so I don't understand why you needed to take her and what the actual problem is.....I am assuming you are in the UK and that she wants to open an she has a degree she is 21 years old at least so she should make an appointment to open account in the bank of her choice and go along to set it up. Just tell her to ask one of the bank workers (often there is someone at a desk by the entrance of a bank/building society and she can ask them to help her.
I think maybe OP meant "hasn't got a degree" ?
Never heard of that before.
There is no need to open a Metro Bank account at a branch - like every other major bank in the world, this can be done online:
I'm not sure that I understand this thread. Who told her her English was not good enough?
Reading the other answers here I would advise your sister that she doesn't need a degree in English to open a bank account here in the UK. I don't bank with the Metro bank so I have no dealings with it but there are more than one bank and also building societies. If the bank that your sister has tried has not been helpful...and it sounds like they haven't try another one.
This says what ID is required and I doubt your sister was telt her English is too poor.
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Sorry just to clarify to my earlier message which has some typos, due to sticky fingers.
My sister is only educated to CSE level and she is able to speaks and communicate with people, as she works in a retail shops.
It is true that the policy clearly states that the customer must communicate in perfect English in order to open an account with them. My sister had brought me the handbook provided by Metro bank and I am shocked to see the requirement.
My question is what is the definition of perfect English? The policy does not states the client must have a minimum English of xy levels.

Question Author
Just to sister had all her ID with her at the bank.

Can you find this requirement on the Metro Bank website? I can't.
I was looking at T&C as well, couldn't find anything but did come up with this.
Do you have a link to the bank's policy about needing to communicate in perfect English?
Question Author
The policy is detailed in a handbook which was shown by the staff in the branch. It is not shown anywhere on their websites. All it says is the ID requirements. I even phoned the customer service and they said, just take ID and didn't mention about English qualifications.

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We have now opened with another bank online.

Banks are entitled to choose who their customers, so we are not angry but just felt wasted 2 hours of driving to the bank and got turned away.
This has got to be a wind-up.
//Banks are entitled to choose who their customers,...//

Not if they discriminate against people on the basis of their race, they're not. Turning down people whose English may not be top dollar may well fall foul of that.
did they just show you the book or did you actually read the requirement for yourself?
I take it the comments on Trustpilot's Metro Bank page here about needing a degree are from you or your sister.

The bank responded to a favourable comment so they may or may not respond to yours/your sister's.
Question Author
I read it myself and was surprised by it. I believe the handbook is genuine.
Maybe they have a selective policy on deciding when to use the policy. So not every person is subjected to the requirement.
Question Author
Thecoryloon, yes my sister posted it! Well spotted.

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Metro Bank Need To Pass An English Test To Open Account

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