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Percentage Of A Percentage

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patrickstar | 08:58 Tue 01st Sep 2020 | Business & Finance
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I am getting old and as such my brain is computing at Spectrum ZX81 level and not up to the upcoming PS5 or Xbox standards!

I have set a target of having less than one event in every 100 cycles per month. The problem my head is struggling with is there has been 1 event that has occurred in only 67 cycles this month.

So clever AnswerBankers what is the formula to work out what is that as a total percentage of incidents had using 100 as my benchmark even though that figure was not reached?

Thank you for helping me to stop my amoeba brain from dribbling out of my ears as it melts down!



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If I understand the issue correctly:

Just multiply up all your figures by the same constant such that your number of cycles is 100. Then do what you usually do.

In reality though you can just divide the 1 by 67 then multiply by 100%.
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Hi Old_Geezer. That is what I have done but I have started to doubt myself when looking at the answer! I think I have been working from home for too long!

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Percentage Of A Percentage

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