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granny grump | 19:41 Sun 03rd Jul 2022 | Business & Finance
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I bought tickets for Roger Daltrey show in Liverpool for 29 Nov 2021. Unfortunately the show was cancelled by Roger Daltrey because of Covid.
I bought the tickets through Viagogo not realising that they are a 3rd party and not the actual seller. I have just received an email to say that the show is back on on 11 July. Although this is short notice it wouldn't have been a problem except my great-grandson is receiving an award on that day and there is no way that I can miss it.
I thought that I would be entitled to a refund but I have to sell the tickets as Viagogo do not do refunds. I honestly thought that I was buying the tickets from the agent for the theatre and have never heard of a company like Viagogo. I paid £288 but the tickets are on sale for £102 each. I can't afford this loss, The situation is through no fault of mine. This is the second time that Roger Daltrey has cancelled his show. What can I do Is there anyone that I can complain to? I bought the tickets with my credit card


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He's at Manchester on 9th could you change them for that? Bit of a drive but at least you wouldn't miss out.
Try your credit card company and see what they say.
Question Author
Thank you both I am on holiday on 9th Gettingonabit. I will Tuvok
Although it's not much help now, I'll point out that the only two websites that you should (initially) go to when seeking concert tickets are those of the actual performers (under the 'Gigs' section) and/or the concert venue itself. You'll then be able to find a link to the official ticketing source, such as AXS or TicketSolve. Buying from third party resellers, such as ViaGoGo or StubHub, is always expensive and risky (not least because some artists don't recognise the validity of tickets purchased through such companies and make every effort to ensure that the buyers of such tickets are refused admission to their gigs).

Your current best course of action is to sell the tickets through ViaGoGo, as credit card companies generally argue that Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 does not apply to purchases made through third parties:
I'm not sure the credit card company would be interested since the tickets were not selt by the event folk or their main seller.

You said you can not go through no fault of your own and I understand your reasons but you could go if you wanted to, couldn't you?

Viagogo make it clear on their front page they are secondary sellers and that prices could be above or below the face values.

If you do sell your tickets and they're not so sought after now, they will need to be at a lower price but at least you would get back some of your money.

Question Author
Thankyou Buenchico and THECORBYLOON I'd never heard of this type of seller
Sadly I can't see you having much success in selling your tickets for very much at all.

The gig is at the Liverpool Empire run by ATG and looking at their website, I can see that its about half full, with tickets available between £45 and £95. If it were sold out it might be different.
A lesson learned, you won't get fooled again.
The 11th July concert is a substitute...
personally i thnk just over a week is rubbish notice too!
Question Author
Looks like I will have to bite the bullet - Thank you all for your help

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