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Online Banking Verses Actual Bank

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tiggerblue10 | 21:08 Wed 28th Sep 2022 | Business & Finance
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Going on from Ringlets Q regarding Tesco and approval verification on banking app, are you an online banker or do you still prefer to visit a branch? If branch, what don't you like or what puts you off the online way?


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My friend owed me for something I’d done for her and sent me a cheque, like you MissT , I never use them anymore , everything I pay out , utilities ,tv licence, council tax , insurances inc dog insurance , are all done by DD on the 1st of the month
Not stood in a bank queue for years and years and neither do I miss it. Very much like a post office queue (neither do i miss that) The smile, the good morning/afternoon was ditched a long time ago.
The problem as you pay in at a bank
It really is worse than having a wink
The clerks in the know
seems high on their snow
The service at my bank really stank

oh! versus - sozza I misread verses on paying in.....
I thought this was online banking verses.

the rest 'actual bank' I thought the poster lost track and just gave up
//Not stood in a bank queue for years and years and neither do I miss it.//

Nor me

I've stood in a building society queue though - as recently as Tuesday just gone :-)
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Lol, PP, trust you to notice my spelling error!

Question Author
Ringlet, sorry that happened to you but don't let one bad experience put you off. Banking apps and online banking are so much more secure than before these days.

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Online Banking Verses Actual Bank

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