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Why Isn’t Etsy Releasing My Money?

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Brian117 | 16:06 Wed 09th Nov 2022 | Business & Finance
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Just wondering if any of you have an Etsy business as I have an Etsy business and have had the business for a year and a half. Usually I get payed every Monday from them, however, two Mondays have been without the money from my Etsy payment account being deposited into my bank account. There are hundreds of pounds in my payment account at present but it’s not being released into my normal bank account. All my fees have been taken care of and it says on the account “available for deposit” with the amount, but the money isn’t coming into my normal bank. I don’t think you can just ring Etsy to speak to a person. Any help?


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is there a threshold
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Road man- no I’ve had more money than this go in all in one go
are you enrolled in Etsy payments? They started this a while ago.

to check status of payments, go to shop -manager-finances-payment account- payment settings. If you have a balance, there should be a button to check to 'withdraw funds now'. You will then get a window with choices depending what accounts they have on record for you.

I find Etsy 'Help' pages particularly useful.
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Meaghan- on my payment account there is a button called “request it now”, which I have clicked twice over the past few days but it doesn’t do anything
You may have a reserve on your account in case of a charge back. If this is the case some of your funds may be held for up to 45 days.

On, go to Shop Manager.
Go to Finances.
Go to Payment account.
Review the Payment account reserve section (you’ll only see this if you have a reserve).

sorry I can't help further, ETSY are a nightmare to contact but they do eventually reply to any email sent and you can contact them through FB.
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Meaghan- thanks for your help. My payment reserve was taken off months ago
Have you clicked the 'Contact Support' button here, in order to seek out a way of making direct contact with Etsy?
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Problem solved! I remembered I got a new bank card recently as the last one expired and I forgot to update the card on Etsy!

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Why Isn’t Etsy Releasing My Money?

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