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galasalmon | 10:28 Thu 30th Mar 2023 | Business & Finance
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I pay to an insurance company who give me half of the cost of chiropodist etc back .It was always a form with receipt from person payment was made and returned by post ,Now they want it all done by computer .How do I send the receipt along with form by internet .As you can see I have never done this .Help someone please.


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scan or photograph the form and receipt and add the image to an email.
Could you ask your chiropodist to forward it for you.
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Thanks .I think the chiropodist would have same problem as me . I am unable to find attachment on my iPad .
Did you get the receipt in an email or was it a paper receipt?

If it was a paper receipt take a photo with the ipad. It will then go into Photos.

You can then go to Photos, selelct the photo and use the share icon - box with an arrow coming out the top - choose the option to email.

Now you should be able to write your email and the attachment will be there.

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