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What Would Be Your Opinion On Someone With This Business?

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Raidergal2022 | 17:35 Wed 12th Jul 2023 | Business & Finance
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Just looking for opinions on this

What would you think of someone who had a small local business selling old/vintage toys and retro games etc. However they obtained their stock from places like car boots/charity shops for cheap and resold for more?

Is there nothing wrong with this or is looked down upon by some? I know that some people hold a grudge against resellers


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Nothing wrong with it at all. I like a tryer so good luck to whoever it is. Those who don’t like it can go whistle. I hope it’s a great success.
More power to them!
That's just a modern version of what antique dealers, junk shops and second hand traders have been doing for all time.

I wonder where else you think they would get their stock from..old toys and retro games?
Why do some people hold a grudge, I honestly don’t understand. Good luck to them.
Full marks for initiative is what I say. It's exactly as barry says.

When we were selling antiques at craft fairs our main 'suppliers' were auction houses and charity shops. We would buy a box of what someone had classed as junk for £3, find two or three items that, after some research, we could really mark up and sell at the fairs.
The rest of the junk we would sell on car boots.
Did it for about 5 years, really enjoyed it and made a fair few quid.
I know someone who does this and makes a tidy profit. Nothing wrong with it, good entrepreneurship
Why would anyone have a problem with this? Do you have a problem with it?
You buy stuff and then you sell it at a profit. That's the only way to run a shop. No problem.
Nothing wrong with it at all i.m.o..
My son in law used to buy stuff from the 'Poundshop' and sell for a profit on Ebay! Obviously the buyers had never visited a 'Poundshop'.
I've done that, made a killing on some boxed sets of videos I bought from Woolworths.
Simple buying & selling. Unsure why one would question it.
nothing wrong, they're essentially useful conduits in the recycling business. Some people would rather go to local shops than trudge round boot sales in the rain, and will pay a bit extra for the the privilege of having had someone else doing it for them.
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That’s a good way to look at it jno
Some one recently sold a Harry Potter first edition for £10,500, after it had originally been bought for 30p.

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What Would Be Your Opinion On Someone With This Business?

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