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Water Bill's

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Thisoldbird | 13:50 Fri 21st Jul 2023 | Business & Finance
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Just recieved my water bill statement for last 12 months.

I also recieved another email informing me my DD was being reduced.

I had expected it ought to be lowered since living alone for past 12 months.

I now see I'm £350 in credit. My new DD set by Anglian Water will amply cover my next 12 month bill.

Am I within my rights f I ask for some of the overpayment back. Please



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Ring them and ask.
Yes, it’s your money t.o.b
Question Author
Thank you for the link Buenchico..I have used it requesting a refund.

More use in my bank account that AW.
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Result..refund in bank plus lowered my DD even more.

Now be really cheeky and ask them if they do something similar to Severn trent's big difference scheme. If they do and you are below a certain income threshold you can get a big chunk off your bill. I only pay £43 a year now

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Water Bill's

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