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I Don’t Want My Notice Period To Put Employers Off.. Should I Do This?

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Raidergal2022 | 14:14 Wed 09th Aug 2023 | Business & Finance
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I had an interview yesterday and will hear the outcome tomorrow. At the interview the manager asked how long my notice period was I said 8 weeks. He frowned a bit and said is that negotiable by any chance. I said I can ask but can’t guarantee.

I just so happen to have given my notice today anyway (whether I get a job or not) do you think I should email the hiring employer and tell them this or tell them my notice period is 6 weeks so that it doesn’t seem so long?

I don’t want the notice period to put them off. Does emailing them to update them with this sound a bit desperate?


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So is it 6 or 8.if 6 seems best to tell them you got it wrong. Bitits worth asking your current employer if you can go after say 4 weeks . If you got holidays left you can finish even esrluwr
^ earlier
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It’s 8 weeks but, I handed my notice in today and assuming I was successful, by the time references went through and the written contract provided (which likely takes 2 weeks) that would be 6 week. If that makes sense.

I’m sure someone else could articulate the above a lot better than me lol
Some companies would be happy to reduce the notice period providing any handover can be completed.

But, yes it does sound desperate if you contact the potentially new Company (although once (if) you get the job offer it is then very reasonable to offer an earlier starting date.)
Personally I would let the employer know that you have given your notice and that you can negotiate less time if necessary.

Then if you get the job and agree say 4/6 weeks notice but can’t negotiate less time, leave anyway.

Current employer cannot deduct wages from your salary for 2 weeks notice period not worked. And they will have done references by then.

Put the right way, you can sound enthusiastic and accommodating rather than desperate.
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Thanks guys, I am still in 2 minds whether to send the email haha

I do really want the job but as people have said informing a potential employer that you have handed your notice in already could either be interpreted as odd/desperate or enthusiastic. I am trying to word it right

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I Don’t Want My Notice Period To Put Employers Off.. Should I Do This?

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